Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Reminiscing....Cant wait to start uni in September. Heres to us and a little glimpse of our wonderful times together. 

@Sari'n's birthday meal/ Just behind Starbucks at Camden Town, this is Hi Sushi

@Ghana Fashion Show 
Travelled all the way to C Town for a late night cuppa cha ! Our favourite 

@Little Japan, Camden Town. with Ruby & Bimu
Bestfriend & I ( Love you girl for making my birthday so special  )
Sea world with my friends ( Saying hello to fellow creatures on my birthday)
Us celebrating Sarin's Birthday at Camden Town
Pad Thai @Thai square, after London Fashion Week
Our favourite Bulgogi, Kimchi rice, Bibimbap @Assa
Erin & I,  wavering towards Selfridges photo booth. I think we took more than 5 that day and this is happily going inside my memories box.  Love this one to bits.
Marseena Eh! This must be during our first week of uni where we had to constantly circle Dover Street Market for inspiration.  Her DIY chain camera strap and her dimple of course! :)

Look at Mars's face in every picture. LAWD ! and that pout with her infamous lips! and there's us keeping it asian. Midnight hours @library
At Sarin's crib, Look at Erin's Lady gaga shoes LOL. My girl is totally rocking it !
Yum yum Thai is where ya'll should be heading and their green tea tiramisu is a must! Just waiting for an excuse to visit this place again.

Partners in crime <3

LONDON FASHION WEEK, Georgie and Mootella <3

MDX FASHION SHOW with Erin, Sarin & Rose
Mega POUT,  us three

Nobody touches my hair except her ! you da best Rose !

Yum yum Thai @night 
This was an disappointment :(.

Getting ready for Mar's Birthday. Literally, there were more than 7 girls getting ready in that tiny space. Thanks Erin for letting us and sorry for the after math= mega mess!

@Hi Sushi !

May, Birthdaygirl & pranu

This is MAr's big day, her S/S 13 afrocentric collection on the runway and LORD I was the only asian there munching on joll of rice !

Balenciaga or wot ? 
Wishes wishes and more wishes , awww you look adorable.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Hitkala Rai, MDX

A heartfelt congratulation to a very dear friend of mine. It has been such an honour to be part of this exceptional journey of hers. A few months ago, I still remember telling her how excited I was to see what she was working on for her final show. And, this is just euphoric. A sea of sentiment and emotions captured in these portraits are of sheer beauty. Therefore, a sudden urge to share these exhibition photos of an exceptional talent. 
well done girl, I'm so proud of you.

This series of portraits depicts of the faces of ex- Gurkha British Military personnel and their families. These are the people who have given many years of loyal service to the UK. For more than half a century they have fought the world for Britain  However, they have also become the victims of unfair practices. Since immigrating to Britain  in pursuit of a better life, they continue to fight and struggle- but this time for recognition. They have become the prisoners of the service they provided. Yet, their concerned eyes and determined chins show their stoic determination to remain warriors who will never give up. So, the battle continues.

Hitkala Rai 

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Wonder a wonder

she sleeps through a silent downpour of thoughts and there's this beautiful. a place so magical it often occurs in her dreams far away from home though quite vague and sort off hazzzzzzy, mystfied in many ways  and she is always in wonder of this beautiful wonder. 

P.S. Wouldn't it be great just to wonder off and not get stuck in a place. captivating moments and beautiful memories... all day long 

Just a little thought !

Friday, 12 July 2013


Happy Friday Bloggies! Just wanted to share something that I recently stumbled across. If you love a good old bargain, look no further than this amazing site(fragrancedirect.co.uk) that stashes on some of your favourite beauty bargains. And, this is me piling on some more pastel shades in my collection perfect for summer. Revlon Nail Colour (Classy, Blue, Minted, Beach, Devilish) £0.99 each Revlon Nail
Enjoy this another lovely day ahead!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Could not be more inspired than being here at Xander Zhou. Personally, it was all about the technical tailoring that robust the entire collection. Whilst I experience it first hand, clever cut tailoring and technical details presented in the detachable cuffs&collar were just awe-inspiring. Then, there's Burst full of beautiful muted pastel palettes featuring statement elastic garter, metal chokers and defying iconic prints happily married together(metaphorically that is). And, the ultimate rad metal laptop bag which I secretly wish upon!

What do you think of his collection? Y'all can browse the SS14 video below.

P.S. Weather's picked up. Hope you all are enjoying the sun as much as I am.